Silent Samaritan Society

It is possible that Scotland Family Counseling Center’s fundraiser, celebrated at the annual meeting of the Silent Samaritan Society, is one of the most unique events of its kind.

The Silent Samaritan Society typically meets early one evening in the spring to celebrate the outpouring of support that follows receipt of invitations to this event, sent to both long-time friends of the counseling center and new people we’ve come to know during the previous year. All are welcome! Trips to the mailbox during this time of the year spark great delight and gratitude at the SFCC office. Meetings of the Silent Samaritan Society involve food, fellowship, live music, recounting of reasons to rejoice related to the counseling center in the months since the last meeting, and a keynote speaker. It is an uplifting, inspiring occasion.

Traditionally, Silent Samaritan has relied solely on the support of individual donors who choose to remain anonymous, thus the “silent” designation in the name.  However, because a local corporation recently expressed interest in making a charitable donation, we’ve chosen to spread the word to other businesses about this opportunity, and alter the anonymous designation for corporate donors, as desired. The funds raised by the Silent Samaritan Society not only support the needs of the counseling center, they also sustain a Client Aid account which offers financial assistance to clients on an as needed basis.

Scotland Family Counseling Center could not exist without broad-based community support. While we receive payment from various insurance companies, the United Way and numerous grants, it is through charitable giving that we are able to provide reduced cost services to the uninsured and underinsured. We are grateful to be a part of a giving community that values the presence of exceptional and devoted licensed mental health professionals in its midst.

Sit back, put your feet up and enjoy a glimpse from the 2022 meeting of the Silent Samaritan Society. Hope you’ll join us next year!

*For information on how to donate to the Scotland Family Counseling Center or attend next year’s Silent Samaritan Society, please either call the office at (910) 276-7011 or email